The Montessori Method

Why choose Montessori?  

Montessori education is play-based through the use of specially designed materials created to guide children's learning through exploration and critical thinking.  The role of the Montessori teacher is primarily to observe your child and then to provide the next level of materials your child needs to move forward as a learner.  Montessori kids move at their own pace, design their own curriculum based on their interests, and develop a deep understanding of what they learn.  

What does a typical day look like?

When you stop in during the school day, you will see children of various ages working in the same classroom.  Every child will be engaged in their own individual activities, or you may see a few in pairs here or there.  Children will be working at tables, sprawled out on the floor working with larger materials, or standing up at an easel.  Teachers will be moving through the room, meeting with each student one on one to discuss their learning.  

What does Montessori work look like?  

Montessori materials are designed to be easy for children to use, so the furniture is child-sized, the counters are low, and all the materials are on shelves the children can reach.  You may see children using tweezers to move seeds from one container to another, children working on polishing shoes, or kids working with homemade playdough.  You may also see children working with hands-on multiplication and division materials, using specially designed blocks to develop spatial skills, or reading books on their own.  The best way to see what Montessori work looks like is to stop in and visit.  

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